Angela Asuncion

Second Year MSc in RPD + International Development 

With an Honours Bachelors in Bio-Resource Management, Angela’s interdisciplinary education and work experience has defined the importance of intertwining ecological, social, and economic assessments necessary to produce sound environmental policy. Her research directly aligns with strengthening socio-ecological systems in underrepresented communities, in Canada and across the world. Her work aims to emphasize Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour narratives and lived experiences in research; sensitize policy to community perspectives; and hold transnational corporations accountable to the impacts of their operations in the Global South.

Angela’s expertise has consistently been characterized by her leadership and steadfast dedication to environmentalism through research development and advocacy. Her work experience ranging across the disciplines of environmental remediation, plant pathology, plant agriculture, environmental DNA and, international conservation, have allowed her to gain extensive knowledge and hands-on experience across the environmental sector.