During his time in the RPD program Chirag kept busy. In the Fisheries Governance project, he worked with multiple First Nations partners to gain an understanding of fishing practice and governance within their communities. Conducting interviews, visiting Nations, and working on creating a documentary, this exploratory research developed into a community scale project. The community driven approach looked to highlight successful programs being run by First Nation and aid First Nations that want to adapt or enhance their current models within the realm of policy and Indigenous law.

For his major research paper, Chirag sought to assess to what extent provincial governments were progressing efforts of reconciliation through their Duty to Consult policies and to what extent these policies aligned with the provisions in the UNDRIP. He utilized a comparative policy analysis to review each provincial Duty to Consult policy based on pre-determined criteria derived from the UNDRIP and related literature.

After graduating, Chirag started working with the heritage planning department at the Town of Halton Hills. However, after a few short months he started a new position as a Junior Planner with Kenora Resource Consultants that sees him working with First Nations and small municipalities in Northern Ontario. Chirag found a keen interest in working with Indigenous communities and his passion lies in Indigenous led conservation efforts, public policy, and environmental impact assessment.